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Our Mission

To provide educational opportunities for every student that emphasize the principles of learning for a lifetime, respect for community and tradition, and pursuit of excellence.

Superintendent's Desk


Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year!


Our goal is to reopen our schools for fall, 2021, and stay open. The District has developed the plan below that allows us to respond quickly to changing local, regional, state and national conditions. As those conditions change, we may be forced to change how we provide instruction during the school year. 


  • GREEN: New Normal Operations -- Troy Schools will reopen with all students attending school full time with the following mitigation:

Students/staff displaying sickness symptoms (fever, etc.) will be isolated in a sick room and sent home

Buildings routinely cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Surfaces in use will be cleaned nightly, with special focus on high traffic areas

Handwashing integrated throughout the day
Hand sanitizer available throughout buildings


  • YELLOW: Learning with Caution – Troy Schools will implement additional safety measures as listed under the Yellow section of the safe return document.
  • RED: Learn at Home & Stay Safe -- In extreme conditions, according to guidance from state and regional health officials, Troy Schools will close and shift to remote learning for all students.  Based on the situation, the Board could close a single school or both schools. 

As we welcome students back into their classrooms on August 25th, we are excited to continue the important work as we prepare our students to have a productive future. Whether you are a parent, student, administrator, teacher, or community member, it is my belief that all of us have an integral role to play in the process of educating our students. With that said, we need to continue to develop and sustain high quality relationships with all stakeholders.

I encourage you to go to our website:  Our goal is to continue to work in providing relevant and timely information to our students, staff, parents and community through the various links available at  

To conclude, I hope that you are excited as we are for the 2021-2022 school year! The future of the Troy School District is bright as we continue our Mission: To provide educational opportunities for every student that emphasize the principles of learning for a lifetime, respect for the community and tradition, and the pursuit of excellence.


Brad T. Malm














Brad Malm

Brad Malm

Troy School District Superintendent