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To provide educational opportunities for every student that emphasize the principles of learning for a lifetime, respect for community and tradition, and pursuit of excellence.

Superintendent's Desk

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members, 

I want to thank you for checking our District’s website. The spring months are an extremely important time for students and teachers as there will be numerous activities as we wrap up another school year. State testing, final exams, spring concerts and graduation keep us all at an active pace, and it can be a hectic time of year.  

Our teachers continue to an amazing job helping students develop the skills necessary to be prepared for these events. While visiting classrooms this school year, I have consistently seen committed teachers and students engaging in important learning activities.

End of the year award ceremonies, and recognitions are a vital part of our school communities.

In particular graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 27th @ 7:00 PM at THS Gymnasium, and we invite you to participate in the joy of seeing our graduates take their next step.  It is a fulfilling time for parents and educators alike because of the memories and experiences created and engaged in over the years.

Finally, I would personally like to thank you for your support of our students and district over the past years. The support of our school board, community, teachers and families has allowed us to provide a truly exceptional learning environment for all of our students. In the spirit of PRIDE HONOR and TRADITION, I am confident that your new Superintendent Klaire Vogt will continue to remain committed to providing the best education possible for our children. It has been my pleasure to work for this district and an honor to be able to serve our students and community.

Proud to be a Trojan


Brad T. Malm














Brad Malm

Brad Malm

Troy School District Superintendent