From the Desk of the Superintendent

Christy Castro,
Troy School District Superintendent 


Our Mission
To provide educational opportunities for every student that emphasize the principles of learning for a lifetime, respect for community and tradition,
and pursuit of excellence.


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Previous Years' Communication

May 16, 2017
 A big "Thank you!" to the community for passing the supplemental levy!
Congratulations to Mr. Fry!
May 16, 2017 
The schools are bustling as the year comes to a close.  Although the school year is ending, students and teachers continue on with educational activities.  
Students practicing for their musical performance!  Students use basketballs in music! Mr. McFall teaching students how to use a 3D printer!
April 17, 2017

Troy School District No. 287

Supplemental Levy Election

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Troy Lions Community Center

8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.


Troy School District No. 287

Levy Information



The Supplemental Levy of $995,000 is a REPLACEMENT tax. As a tax payer, your taxes will be slightly DECREASED from last year if this levy is approved on May 16, 2017. This Supplemental Levy will allow the Troy School District to continue the current programs:


Keyboarding 7

Career & College


JH Career

Business Management and


Business Admin and Yearbook

Wildlife Science Earth Science Science 7


Chemistry Algebra I Science 8

English 8

English II

Sr Composition

English 7

World History Government Economics

US History

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 8

Math 7

Pre-Algebra 8

Geometry Algebra II Advanced Math

JH Technology


Personal Finance


English III Senior Project

Senior Literature

English I HS Art Health 10

Health 7

PE 8

PE 7

Lifetime Sports

Health 8

Ag Structures

Plant/Soil Science

Ag Welding

Adv Ag Welding

Intro to Ag Ed Intro Ag Industry

Intro Ag Mech


Spanish I & II

Advanced Math/Calculus IEN Special Education 7-12


Extracurricular Activities Intra-Curricular Activities Dual Credit Classes

Elementary grades K-6


Full-day Kindergarten Title 1 Services Special Education K-6

P.E. Music


The cost of the $995,000 REPLACEMENT Levy will be $7.07 per $1,000 of assessed market value.
The following is an example (and approximation) of the school district taxes paid by the owner of a home with a taxable market value (less homeowner’s exemption) of $150,000:
                                                                                       Tax History







Supplemental Levy







Tort Levy







2001 Bond, This bond funded the building of the Elementary School.







2011 Bond, This bond funded the building of the Jr/Sr High School.







Total School District Tax








If you have any questions contact Christy Castro, Superintendent 208-835-3791.
December 19, 2016 

Snow Days and Other Weather Related Closures


With the change in the weather I thought it would be good to let you know the process we take when announcing a snow day or other weather related closures. After monitoring the weather and road conditions and talking with other local agencies, a decision is made usually no later than 6:45 a.m.  We try to make all decisions by 6:00 a.m, however, power outages are unpredictable and we have had to cancel school later in the morning.  

The next step starts the process of running our mass communication program called School Messenger. This program allows me to communicate to all employees and families of our students at the same time. The closure announcement is done through a recorded phone message.  During power outages, however, sometimes School Messenger is not an option.
I also send the information to the following:

                     · Northwest Public Radio 

                     · Inland Northwest Broadcasting (KRPO, KMAX, KCLX, KZFN, KZZL, KRAO)

                     · KHTR/KQQQ Radio 

                     · KOZ Radio 

                     · KRLC Radio 

                     · KLEW TV

                     · KREM TV 

                     · KXLY TV 

                     · KHQ TV 

                     · Big Country Radio 

The goal is to have everyone notified no later than 6:15 a.m.  However, power outages can cause late notifications.

As parents you can help by making sure your contact information is up-to-date in our school information system.  You can do this by notifying the school secretary of your current contact information.


November 4, 2016 
This fall I have visited all the classrooms to see incredible teaching and learning going on!  We are so fortunate to have the students, staff, parents and community that we have in Troy School District!   Every classroom was fully engaged in meaningful lessons. ELA and Math standards were being taught across the curriculum (Math in Science and English in Social Studies). I saw Enrich and Reteach groups. It was incredible watching all of our staff giving such outstanding educational experiences to our students. It was crystal clear that the teachers, support staff and administration collaborate to provide the best possible education to our students.

Students were engaged and enthusiastic about learning. They were quick to greet me and show me what they were learning.

Troy School District is considered an innovative district by the Bluum organization and I was invited to attend their conference for innovative districts.  Anthony Warn from the Bluum organization has published a blog about the Troy School District.  You can read more about what we are doing by clicking the following link: 
September 14, 2016
Welcome back to all of our Trojan students and staff!  We are off to a wonderful start this school year!  Due to the hard work and dedication of our students, staff, parents, school board and community, we made the top ten of the highest SBAC ELA proficiency rates in the state! Click on the link for a list of the top ten performing district is the state of Idaho:
Congratulations to all of our students and staff!  Parents, thank you for your continued support of our students and programs! 
102 W Fifth Street    PO Box 280
Troy, Idaho 83871    Phone: (208) 835-3791
Christy Castro, Superintendent