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   Mrs. Renfrow, Kindergarten


Mrs. Scharnhorst, First Grade
Here are some picture of Apple Day. We accomplished many different activities throughout the day. It was filled with observing, writing, sharing, and eating the finished product. We made three varieties of graphs and discussed the results, but I do believe the best part was watching the apples being ground up. They were ready to try the snack. Thank you for sending the apples to school.
Our class will join the Kindergarten and Second Grade class for a walking tour of Troy on Thursday at 1:30. Dorothy Anderson, a local Troy citizen and former Troy Elementary teacher is our guide. She will share her knowledge of our town. If anyone would like to join us for the walking tour, write a note and send it to school with your child or leave me a message at school. This is an important part of the grant we received with Judy Sobeloff.
Our science topic is animal classifications. We first learned about mammals and their characteristics. Now we are looking at insects.Today your child made a marshmallow ant and learned the parts of an insect. Tomorrow we will label the parts on an insect worksheet. I have attached some pictures of today's event.

I have attached three pictures showing Dorothy Anderson, our tour guide and pictures of Duthie Park. Kindergarten, First , and Second grade are working with Judy Sobeloff to write narratives using locations in Troy. I enclosed a book order form in your child's book bag. I learned that a family was unable to order on-line, so I contacted the company and that problem has been resolved.
Mrs. Wright, Second Grade 


Mrs. Sandquist, Third Grade
Mrs. Sullins, Fourth Grade        

Mrs. Bohman, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Tibbals, Sixth Grade

 Heather Bailey, TES Library Aide 

 Mrs. Stoner, Music

 Mr. Wells, P.E.

Mrs. Foote, Special Education

 Mrs. White, Title I




                                                                                                   Family Math Night

                                                                                         Idaho Shakespearean Theater


 TES visit from "The Border Highlanders". The group is based in Moscow and is made up of bagpipe players & drummers. They came and taught the students a little bit about how the pipes & drums work and shared some history behind the bagpipes in Scotland & England.
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Christy Castro, Superintendent