Troy School District 287

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 Mrs. Heath, Kindergarten
   Mrs. Renfrow, First Grade
Ms. Starks, Second Grade 


Mrs. Sandquist, Third Grade
Mrs. Sullins, Fourth Grade        
Mrs. Bohman, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Tibbals, Sixth Grade
Laura Williams, TES Library Aide 

 Mrs. Stoner, Music

 Mr. Wells, P.E.

Mrs. Foote, Special Education

 Mrs. White, Title I




                                                                                                   Family Math Night

                                                                                         Idaho Shakespearean Theater


 TES visit from "The Border Highlanders". The group is based in Moscow and is made up of bagpipe players & drummers. They came and taught the students a little bit about how the pipes & drums work and shared some history behind the bagpipes in Scotland & England.
102 W Fifth Street    PO Box 280
Troy, Idaho 83871    Phone: (208) 835-3791
Brad Malm, Superintendent

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