The Troy High School Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) meets with Principal Brad Malm to discuss a variety of school issues currently impacting our students. Committee members serve as a liaison between parents and the high school administration, and welcome calls regarding any aspect of the high school program. Although representatives are appointed for each class, all interested parents are welcome to join the meeting any time or volunteer to help on any of the committees.


Meeting Minutes

WHEN: 1st Thursday of Each Month

TIME: 6:30am

WHERE: Troy High School

PAC Members

Parents are appointed to serve a Junior High or High School term. Members will serve on the committee while their student is in 7-9 grade or 10-12 grade. Some parents may have more than one student in school at a time, but will only serve the term for the student for which they were assigned. Each class will have 2-3 parents who will serve on the committee at a time. The offices of Chair and Secretary will be appointed by the principal.
Rhonda Case, Chair 596-6126
Dianna Smith, Secretary 835-4013
Renae Bafus 835-7417
Kaye Girard 835-5085
Cindy Johnson    835-2640
Jennifer Johnson 835-5929
Kyle Nelson 835-3502
Moreesa Sandquist 835-4107
Janet Schetzle 835-4210
Shelley Yama 835-3691
Kathleen Zillinger    835-3753

Mission Statement/Purpose

  • To endeavor to offer sound advice and information to our principal, that we might assist and support in the task of providing a positive educational experience for the children of our community.
  • To provide assistance to the staff and students of Troy High School.
  • To represent to the best of our ability the needs, desires and attitudes of the parenting community and to assist in promoting the mission of Troy High School.


Under the general guidance of the PAC, several subcommittees have been organized to lend assistance to various areas that impact our schools. These committees report on a regular basis to the PAC and have separate meetings as needed.

  • Graduation Committee: Dianna Smith
    The graduation committee is made up of senior parents and assists with the organizing the substance free graduation party and fundraising to support the seniors year-end activities. This committee works with the senior class advisor.
  • Open House/Back to School Committee
    This committee organizes the back to school night for Junior High students in the fall, the Junior/Senior open house in the fall and the Junior High introduction for the sixth graders in the spring. The student counselor works with this committee.
  • Teacher Appreciation Committee: Kyle Nelson, Chair
    The teacher appreciation committee organizes a variety of rewards and thank you's to be given to outstanding teachers at our school. These include Christmas greetings from the PAC, goodies during Teacher Appreciation Week in May, and special thank you's to retiring teachers or those moving on to other schools.
  • Trojan Boosters: Janet Schetzle
    Trojan Boosters was organized to provide support for extracurricular activities. Much of the work of this committee revolves around fundraising.
  • Renaissance Committee: Cindy Johnson, Chair
    The renaissance committee is responsible for providing incentives and rewards for outstanding academic achievement. This committee works with the principal in providing rewards for Honor Roll students including end-of-the- year prizes for students earning A's and strong's during the school year.

Meeting Minutes


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